Thursday, January 19, 2006

Great Articles on Cybernetics

I am amazed at what is now being accomplished with technology. Before we focused on faster and smaller. We appear to be reaching our limit of Moore's Law but has it really? Technology won't be focused on faster and smaller but integration of it into our lives.

Paperless Books?

Epaper looks great on paper but I hope someone can package it together to make the paperless book/audio player. Wouldn't it be great to have a cylinder that is 6-7" long and about an inch in diameter that will unroll to about 6" wide giving a screen that is 6"x6". This cylinder would contain a rechargable battery, wireless card, memory card slot, a headphone jack and some buttons for navigation control. Download the latest ebook or MP3 into the memory card and enjoy your favorite book and listen to your tunes at the same time. Maybe integrate it with Palm OS or Pocket PC and get an intelligent device with a larger but foldable display. While your at it, why not add a cell phone.

I'm not asking for much am I?,1282,69839,00.html

VOIP Phone in a USB Key

This is a great idea to fit a VOIP phone into the form factor of a USB key. Combine this with a service like Vonage and your home phone can fit in your pocket. I wonder when they will put a camera and 802.11g on USB key and you have a portable video conference device.

Geocaching post 9/11

What a sad state our world is in when a game can be confused as a terrorist attack.

WCSD Techie Photo

WCSD Techie Photo
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